Forgiving Heals provides a three phase program to help victims navigate through this process.

Phase 1- Remember to Mourn: In this phase sharing is not necessary, we will focus on just processing those emotions bringing out whatever is unresolved and most importantly bringing those things to God. Group Members will be shown that this is ok and we will go through some of David’s Psalms to back this up. Through telling God, we are giving it to someone who can take it. Journals will be provided so the members can write anything down and share if desired. We will go over Gods forgiveness and how we need to forgive in order to be in right standing with. Forgiveness Prayer after each section of phase.

Phase 2- Telling Your Story: In this phase it is important for the members to be heard. If members are uncomfortable opening up in the group as a whole they are allowed to pair up and join the group later on. The facilitator will give emphasis on time, listening, and respectful boundaries. Go through forgiving period after each section of phase. Forgiveness Prayer after each section of phase.

Phase 3- Reconnect with God: Forgiving, Heals does not expect or promise immediate or guaranteed forgiveness but for the victim to be closer to it and through the reminder of Gods forgiveness be able to forgive, themselves. Forgiveness Prayer after each section of phase.

At the end of the 10 weeks, a graduation/celebration of completion will be held. Individuals who have gone through the curriculum are welcome to go through the process again and, if interested, will be provided with opportunities to be a accountability partner or sponsor new group members.